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Ocean in Motion Showcase at Orchard Central: Creation C.A.R.E

Updated: May 3

On 27 to 29 May, Presbyterian Preschool Services participated in the Creation C.A.R.E. 3D Public Art Showcase at Orchard Central’s Atrium. The artwork displayed were a labour of love by our children and their teachers advocating for creation care. We were also joined by 11 other preschools for this showcase that was supported by Far East Organisation and Creation Care SG.

Leading up to this event, the children learnt about why creation care matters. Other than preserving a healthy and clean living environment for humans and animals, they learnt that we ought to care for the earth chiefly because God made everything on earth and in it. So, even though we dwell on it, we should take care of it. This is the loving thing to do for the sea creatures, land animals, our fellow humans and also God.

Featured artwork from PPS included an interactive “robot” made from scraps. When you spin its hands, new ideas on how to care for the Earth is revealed. There was also a crab standing atop a recycling bin to remind us that many of our trash does not need to be disposed off after a single use.

To call to attention the dangers that dolphins face due to human activity, like being caught accidentally in fishing nets or marine pollution, our children also created a life-sized baby dolphin out of toilet rolls. Another group of children also constructed a jellyfish habitat spotlighting the colourful variety of species that God has created.

We were very inspired by the creativity of the children and their teachers! The final product of all our works coming together alongside 11 other schools’ was a beautiful tapestry of how we cannot do everything, but everyone can do something to care for the earth.

Check out the gallery below for more photos of our participation, as well as the other schools'! We hope you will be inspired to take actions to rescue earth with our children!


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