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Reflections from 23 June Learning Day PM Session: Universal Design for Learning

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

On 23rd June 2023, the entire teaching staff body of Presbyterian Preschool Services gathered to learn about creating classrooms that removed barriers to learning. Conducted by Esther Kwan and Ng Jiayi from Grace Orchard School, our teachers learned practical handles on creating environments that supported the “Universal Design for Learning”, one of the education models that undergirds our curriculum.

*Some reflections have been edited for clarity.

How has the "Universal Design for Learning" workshop changed your belief/perception of children?

“Children capable of learning anything if learning is made accessible to them.” Learning Support Educator

“I was reminded to re-examine the way I set up the learning spaces and environment in my class: do I have any barriers that may hinder my children’s learning?” PP AMK

“Children have varying learning needs. So, it is us teachers who have power to make sure all the children’s learning needs is met based on their needs, ability and interest.” PP TPN

“This workshop taught me new ways too transform my classroom which will be helpful when I am handling children with developmental needs. I will have the ability to enable them instead of “disabling” them.” PP YSH

“I learnt that some of these strategies are essential for some but it usable for all.” PP BBT

How will you modify your classroom practices in your teaching career moving forward?

“I will find more ways represent and express what I hope to teach so that children of different abilities can also learn along with others in class.” PP YSH

“I will implement visual cues and schedule so that the children will receive behavioural cues beyond the use of my voice.” PP GHM

“I will start by making small changes to the learning environment so that children with different needs will be able to learn alongside one another in a classroom free of learning barriers.” PP JRW

“I love the sticker strategy to colour code materials or help with classroom organisation! Such simple resources yet so functional!” Learning Support Educator


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