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a strong foundation in truth, beauty and goodness

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这是一套专门为 0-6 岁幼儿绘制的圣经故事。根据幼儿的年龄特点,以图文并茂的形式来满足不同年龄段幼儿的需求,总之在于用真, 善,美的价值观培养与塑造幼儿的品格。


箴言 22:6》

圣经里的故事 - 系列1

1.1 世界的开始.png



If you would like to know how the world came to be created...
If you would like to know the goodness at Creation...
If you would like to know where love is... 

Then join us in the reading of the first story, in the first series of "Stories from the Bible". We hope that you will find truth, beauty and goodness in these stories. 

1.1 世界的开始.png


2 不能吃的果子.jpg

亚当吃了上帝吩咐他不可以吃的果子,所以, 他需要承担的后果就是离开了美丽的伊甸园。
爸爸、妈妈有时候不让我们做一些事情,其实, 是因为他们想要保护我们,是因为爱...…

Adam ate the fruit he was not supposed to! The result? He had to leave the beautiful Garden of Eden. 

Children, do you ever wonder why there are some things your daddy or mummy does not let you do? It is because they love us, and want to protect us!

2 不能吃的果子.jpg