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a strong foundation in truth, beauty and goodness


What is the chief end of education in today’s world? How do we get our children there, wherever “there” may be?

Is it enough to prepare our children adequately for primary school? Is the goal of setting our children up for a lifetime of academic and employment success doing them justice?

At Presbyterian Preschool Services, we believe that the above goals, as pragmatic as they are, is far too short-sighted for our children’s own good. We aim to break the traditional, meritocratic education goals with the Truth, Beauty and Goodness curriculum framework.

In short, the TBG Curriculum Framework is our response to a world where truth is often distorted, beauty corrupted and goodness disregarded.

The tbg curriculum framework


Learning Dispositions


Education Models


Areas of Learning

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Ready to get to know us better?

Join us for our online Parent Interest Engagement Session (PIES)!

During the session, we will share about our Truth, Beauty and Goodness curriculum framework. 

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