Our Programme

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a strong foundation in truth, beauty and goodness


In a world where truth is distorted, beauty is corrupted and goodness disregarded, we believe a strong foundation in these values will guide our children to see, understand and act correctly.


Beyond imparting knowledge and skills, it gives our children an anchor and a structure to pursue knowledge on their own, to know the value and nature of things and to appreciate the value of knowledge for its own sake.

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It is our hope to nurture a strong foundation in truth, beauty and goodness in all our children. 

We intend to do this through the 5 Areas of Learning we will offer in our educational programme.

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5 Areas of Learning

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The modules that make up our Educational Programme were chosen because they are based on established education theories and approaches. 


They develop children’s learning abilities by equipping them with foundational meta-structures and tools which allows them to build knowledge, skills and relationships.