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Children from LOT Hougang bond with seniors over music

Updated: Jun 12

Children from LOT Hougang often have partnerships with the seniors from St Luke's Eldercare as they have a centre situated just around the corner from their preschool. In May, they started a monthly session of Do Re Mi, with the children and seniors! Do Re Mi Music and Movement Programme 哆来咪音乐小课堂  was designed to engage children in their natural element in order to cultivate a love for musical expression as well as the Chinese Language. Designed in-house by our Chinese Curriculum Team, children learn musical expression through a variety of creative means which include musical games, appreciation of classical music as well as catchy rhymes. Instead of having their lesson in class as usual, the children will do it outdoors in the void deck.

At first, the kids were a bit shy to interact with the seniors, but they warmed up as they listened to familiar songs together such as《有趣的果园》and《宝贝宝贝》together. The seniors watched the kids sing songs energetically and were excited to join when they were given musical instruments as well. They even used scarves to dance around, expressing themselves freely through movements.

"I like it because I love grandmas and grandpas!" - Gaius "I like hearing them sing with me." - Clara "Next time I want to play games with them."- Kazley "I like to sing with them."- Athelstan

For next month's activity, teachers plan to get the kids to partner with a senior each, to use a musical instrument together in order to maximise interaction between them. Both young and old alike are always looking forward to the time when they can spend time with each other again!


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