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PPS Yishun at the Zoo's Zoobilee Celebration!

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

'I'm so excited!' exclaimed Charmaine from PPS Yishun Centre as they

were walking towards the Animal Playground for Singapore Zoo's Golden Zoobilee celebration today!

To everyone's surprise, Zookeepers brought out two special animal friends while waiting for the celebration to begin. Our children got up close and personal with the carpet python snake and the bearded dragon lizard, feeling the texture of their skin with their eager but gentle touches. Some preferred to observe them cautiously from afar. There was even a rare appearance by a huddle of adorable african penguins in the animal playground!

Soon after, the Zoobilee celebration kicked off with a sharing by Speaker Tan Chuan-Jin, Deputy Chairman of Mandai Wildlife Group. He commended the work of the Zoo and the other Parks and urged everyone to recognise the importance of conservation and protecting endangered species. He also thanked Presbyterian Preschool Services for inviting him to our Creation C.A.R.E rainforest-themed event in May and our efforts in educating young minds and raising funds for the Singapore Zoo.

Thereafter, the highlights of the celebration included the unveiling of a beautiful drawing by very own zookeepers, followed by the singing of a birthday song for the Zoo's 50th anniversary. Everyone enjoyed a piece of the 'cake' which was made up of colourful macarons. Children then crafted personal birthday messages on paper embedded with seeds and planted them in pots of soil.

The children could no longer wait to explore the rest of the Zoo to look for other animal friends. Amongst their favourites were the zebra, lion, sloth and butterflies.

The children indeed had a roaring good time at the Zoo and would love to return again soon!


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