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Reflections from 23 June Learning Day AM Session: Image of the Child

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

On 23rd June 2023, the entire teaching staff body of Presbyterian Preschool Services gathered to learn about the “Image of the Child”, a workshop conducted by Alicia Yah, our Curriculum Mentor from the English Curriculum Team. Here are some of the reflections from our staff after the workshop:

*Some reflections have been edited for clarity.

How has the "Image of the Child" workshop changed your belief/perception of children?

“This workshop enlightened me by helping me realise that as adults, we often only fixate on the negative behaviours we see in children. Through the workshop, I gained a better understanding of what children are capable of. I am encouraged to believe in them more and strive to bring out the best in them. It also helped me more to believe in them and always bring out the best in them.” PP AMK

“Children are imaginative and capable of being creative problem solvers. As a teacher, I do not have to give them the answer to the problems, or merely be a dispenser of facts. Instead, I can empower them to be independent thinkers and learners who can come up with their own solutions.” PP YSH

“Having a broader and deeper understanding of younger learners allows me to gain valuable insights into their unique perspectives, needs, and capabilities. This increased understanding enables me to appreciate their individuality and approach their learning experiences with empathy, patience, and tailored strategies that support their growth and development.” LOT BTN

“The workshop changed the way I considered “reflection”. Reflecting well and often is important for us as teachers because we must always reflect in every action we do in front of our students. We are their role models.” PP P51

“This workshop helped me see that children are all capable learners even if they learn differently. As a teacher, I need to provide a supportive learning environment, not only with in terms of curriculum, but most importantly to shape the way they because it greatly impacts how they will be as a person in the future.” LOT WDL

How will you modify your classroom practices in your teaching career moving forward?

“Here are four things I aspire to do differently from now onwards:

1. I will embrace the asking of questions (even if it is a lot of them!). I will encourage them to speak their mind and articulate the questions they have.

2. When the children are seeking to solve problems on their own, I would give them more time and space and opportunities to do it on their own. I will trust that they are competent learners and have the ability to arrive at the solution eventually.

3. I will create more opportunities for their senses to be engaged.

4. I will be more open towards accepting their mistakes and failings so that they have the opportunity to learn.” PP AMK

“I will strive to create a supportive and inclusive classroom environment where every student feels valued and encouraged to participate, fostering their confidence and love for learning.” LOT BTN

“I will practice mindfulness before implementing practices or disciplining the child to build the child to be confident and independent.” PP HLV

“I will be more responsive and intentional when I facilitate activities and when I communicate with them.” PP P51

“I will remember that children are created uniquely by God and to show them love and grace each day.” PP AMK

“I will be more intentional in making the connection with the children and look for opportunities to turn simple things into meaningful teaching moments.” PP JRW


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