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Yinshuang - a Principal who reflects God's love

Updated: Jan 24

Having spent my whole career in the sector as a classroom teacher, stepping into the role of the Principal in May this year meant there are many areas I needed to grow in. However, this role also affords me opportunities to reflect the many good practices I have learnt from the leaders and team mates I have worked with in the past. Hence, I chose the mirror to represent my leadership journey.

Yinshuang, Principal, Ang Mo Kio

The mirror also reminds me that as Principal, I play a part in shaping the culture in my preschool - the way I behold my team will be reflected and they will mirror what they observe from me.

Ultimately, we are also reflector's of God's love. It is my hope that the community, families and children around us can see God's love through us.


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