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Eileen Boey

Head of English Curriculum

Having spent 12 years on the ground, Eileen has grown to realise that her mission in life is to spark transformation wherever she is planted, be it in Singapore or in Cambodia where she volunteers her time and skills working with local schools and orphanages.

Deeply passionate about transforming our Centres, she looks forward to the day when all aspects of our schools - from our teachers, learning environment processes and attitudes - are optimal in building a. strong foundation in truth, beauty and goodness for all children that comes through our doors.

Realising her need to be ahead of the learning curve of our staff to be an effective agent of change, she's currently pursuing her Masters in Pastoral Studies. She was also previously enrolled with Harvard Graduate School of Education to complete her training on Making Thinking Visible - a pedagogical approach that equips learners to externalise their thinking, promoting engaged, understanding and independent learners.

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