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Educational Support Programme

partnered with Chua Foundation

Since 2003, we have integrated ChildCare Programme (ICCP) that provides a natural environment for children with special needs to learn, play, socialise and grow alongside with regular peers. It prepares them for entry into primary school later. This programme is offered at 5 of our 11 centres catering up to 50 children in total.


Moving forward, we will transform this programme to Educational Support Programme (ESP) and will be provided in our 11 centres.

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What is Educational Support Programme?

A quality educational programme to support Children with Developmental Concerns within the regular preschool setting to ensure that each child’s potential is maximised.


ESP comprises:

  • In-class support during integrated lessons

  • Individualised pull-out intervention sessions

  • Individualised Education Plan (IEP) for each child

  • Comprehensive Learning Portfolio upon graduation

  • Enhanced comprehensive curriculum and resources

  • Home-Support Programme (HSP) for parents

Who is suitable for this programme?

Children aged 18 months to 6 years must be diagnosed as falling within the mild to moderate range in any of the following-


• Physical

• Developmental (Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia)

• Intellectual

• Sensory (hearing impairment with hearing aids/ visual impairment with corrective lens)

• Or, a combination of the above


a) Display a level of developmental functioning that is below typically developing peers of the same age; and


b) Require low to medium of Early Intervention support entailing different and/or additional resources beyond what is conventionally available for typically developing peers.


Children requiring high levels of Early Intervention support will not be suitable for this Programme.


All applicants must be accompanied by a medical assessment/ report of the child’s conditions

How do I enrol my child?

Please send your enquiries to:


Ms Kanniga –

Ms  A. Susila –

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