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Integrity as a Firm Foundation

Do you know what “Integrity” means?

The Importance of Integrity Time


The word Integrity means “whole” or “complete” from its origin Latin adjective “integer”. Having Integrity means having “wholeness” of character. Nurturing Integrity is like building a firm foundation that guides our children in doing the right thing that does not waver.

At our preschools, we recognise the paramount importance of nurturing Integrity in our children from a very young age so as to build a strong foundation that will anchor them in this VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world.

Our Integrity Time curriculum consists of 3 main segments:

1. Character Focus


During Integrity Time each week, the children are introduced one good character trait or value such as: Diligence, Self-control, Obedience, Love and many more.

The children participate in active learning as the lessons are carried out in a fun and interactive manner through songs, dance, stories, craftworks and games.


2. Stories From the Bible


The Bible is full of great people with integrity. The children’s understanding about good character traits and values are reinforced through the life stories of different bible characters.

3. Discovery of The World


Authentic learning takes place in this segment as the children’s learning of good character traits and values are linked to the world they live in.


Obedience: Sample Lesson From Nursery 1

Character Focus: The children learn about Obedience through song, game and discussion.

Stories of the Bible: In the story of Noah, he was told to build a big boat. Through this story, the children will learn that Noah, his family and all the animals were kept safe and dry from a severe flood because of Noah’s obedience. He was shown a beautiful rainbow in the sky after the flood as a promise that the earth will not be destroyed by flood again.

Discovery of the World: The children will carry out a simple experiment on rainbow making and make rainbow craft. The rainbows the children make will remind them of Noah’s obedience and the promise that was given to him.

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