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A blessed Lunar New Year with our loved ones

Last week, our children kicked off their Lunar New Year festivities with bang by celebrating with their friends, teachers and even parents in school! Apart from feasting, there were many exciting activities lined up for them, which they enjoyed thoroughly, as seen from the smiles on their faces. Children also turned up to school in beautiful ethnic wear such as qipao, or donned colours like red and gold that are popular during this season.

At Jurong West, different classes took turns to sing and dance to familiar festive songs, even using props such as musical instruments and ribbons. They also participated in games and had the chance to prepare and toss 'yusheng'!

Children were also thrilled to have a chance to go on a learning journey within the neighbourhood at the 'Little Chinatown Street', just across the school. They had a ball of a time doing a mini treasure hunt, where they identified the snacks that they ate during tea break amidst the variety of the goods sold, and also pointed out and shared about the vibrant decorations they have at home!

Over at Bukit Arang, parents were invited to join the festivities with their children, where they did some puzzles that formed images of snacks you would often see during Lunar New Year, such as pineapple tarts, 'bak kwa', and 'nian gao'. Next, children made dumplings from scratch, from rolling the wrappers, to filling the dumpling, to folding and sealing them so they would hold up during cooking (and look pretty at the same time) .Finally, children delivered a wonderful performance which left everyone clapping and cheering, especially their parents, who were so proud of them!

LOT Bukit Arang

At Bethany, some children had a ball of a time dressing up like lion dancers with some adorable and intricate lion dance costumes made of recycled materials! Families also bonded over making handmade dumplings, as well as trying their hand at Chinese calligraphy. Many were surprised at their hidden talents when their 春联 (chūnlián) designs turned out better than expected.

LOT Bethany

The children at LOT Foochow Methodist Farrer Park made multicoloured tang yuan or rice balls, carefully rolling them with their palms to make perfect little spheres of pink, green and yellow. They even had the chance to taste them a while later! Children who do not typically commemorate Lunar New Year with their families were thankful to be able to explore and appreciate aspects of the Chinese culture through activities like these.

As the festivities continue, here's a video of the children wishing one and all a blessed Lunar New Year filled with laughter and abundance as you spend time with family and friends this season!

Gift them Hongbao, Give them Hope

To our parents, partners and friends, let us also not forget those who are less fortunate than us. This Lunar New Year, you can gift a hongbao to a child to inspire hope for their future, regardless of their backgrounds or abilities We are raising funds for our children who come from low-income families as well as for the Education Support Programme, where children with developmental needs learn alongside their typically developing peers in inclusive classrooms.

PPS needs your help to provide every child that comes through Little Olive Tree's doors with an equal chance to have an enriching preschool life without being held back by financial challenges or lack of opportunities for education due to added needs or disabilities.

Donate today:

P.S. We would greatly appreciate if you could share this message with your family and friends this season too! 


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