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A chat with Stephanie, who treats the students as her own children and loves entering their world

Updated: Jan 23

In this series of chats with our staff, we get up close and personal. They share about things like their favourite drinks, to their experiences and motivations at work.

Hi, could you introduce yourself? Hello! I am Stephanie and I teach nursery students in LOT Marsiling. What do you like about working at Woodlands? What I like in our centre is that we are always helping each other. If one of us is struggling, we are there to give them a simple message or letter that will encourage them or lift them up. What is a pick me up that you need to keep you going? I love pasta, especially spaghetti. Currently, my favourite drink everyday is Milo!

What are the heartwarming moments amongst the children that you remember? While teaching nursery kids, I feel like I am a child also because I am entering a child’s world and playing with them while teaching them. Some of my favourite moments are when I see them learning and applying what I taught them, especially when they can do the activities independently without my assistance. What are some qualities that a teacher must have? They must be patient, passionate and caring. You must love your work as well as the children.

Why are you still in the early childhood sector? What keeps you motivated? I’m motivated to teach the children because I also have a son of the same age. He lives far away so I treat the children here as my sons and daughters.

What would you say to someone who wants to join PPS as a teacher? I will assure you that you will love your work as well as the children, but of course you need to have a big heart for the children to help them. Not only to learn, but also teach them a lot of other things.


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