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A closer look at our beautiful tree sculptures & what they have to tell us

Over the weekend, we had our Creation C.A.R.E Art Showcase at One Punggol where we invited friends, family and the public to view our children’s artworks created under the theme “Rooted in Beauty: A Celebration of Trees! Of course, these trees did not sprout out of nowhere. Lots of brainstorming and hard work went into building them from scratch.

Take a closer look below into the process and the detail that went into creating some of the wonderful masterpieces we saw at the showcase. LOT Bethany: The Hideout Tree

The story of "The Giving Tree" sparked a beautiful transformation in the children's relationship with nature. Inspired by the heartfelt tale of selfless love from the tree to the boy it loved, our young learners embraced a newfound appreciation for trees, expressing a deep desire to cherish and protect them. They expressed that they did not want to be like the boy who neglected the tree at different phases of his life. Instead, they wanted to play with it as much as they could so that the tree would be shown love too.

They wanted the tree to be big enough for them to go inside the tree and use it as a hideout - a place of comfort and solace. Thus, they worked together to make a huge tree out of recycled materials that people often throw away. To make the tree stand tall and sturdy, they used items like cardboards, sticks, bottles and more to create its frame. Thereafter, they decorated it with adorable animals, vibrant leaves, tall branches, colourful fabrics and even stick figures of themselves hugging and climbing the tree!

LOT Jurong West: The Giving Tree

This hand crafted tree is created from a composition of discarded leaves, a beautiful branch that was picked up at the park and newspaper stuffing.

To emphasise the message about preserving ecosystems in nature, our teachers, parents and friends planned different activities happening around the tree. These activities were all prepared using recycled cardboards and scrap materials, while also incorporating natural elements of broken twigs and fallen leaves.

Through their artwork, it helped the children understand how the ‘giving tree’ has been so good to them.

Its lush leaves provide a resting place and safe haven of shade for us to have our fun activities such, and its branches allow for us to embark on adventurous climbs too. Trees also invite us to peep into the habitats of chirping birds and creepy crawlies. After all the activities, we can enjoy the literal fruits of its labour, juicy red apples!

Trees are precious gems as they provide us food and fresh air everyday - thus the children feel that we should do our best to save these life-giving trees by reusing, recycling and reducing unnecessary waste from the products that they give us.

LOT Ang Mo Kio: Our Reading Nook & Eco-Tales

Children realised that trees, with their towering trunks and branches full of leaves spread out like an umbrella, provide wonderful shade for us to rest. In fact, one of their favourite activities to do in a tree's shade is to read! Thus, they created a cosy nook where people could sit down and read their lovely stories.

"The pulp is so cold!""I know where paper comes from - the trees!"

But these books were especially unique, not like any other one you would see in a library. They were made from special paper that the children processed and created out of discarded and unwanted papers! They were given a new life and their pages were filled with moving and thought-provoking images and narratives about lessons that trees have taught them, or how they hope to protect trees moving forward.

Check out more photos of the Art Showcase here:


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