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A Place for Every Child: Trouble Worth Troubling For

Josiah, 5, is on the autism spectrum and was previously enrolled in two other childcare centres. However, both times, he was asked to leave because the teachers felt that his behaviour was inappropriate. They were also not able to manage him when he starts crying or biting others out of frustration. His parents tried to gain access to early intervention by approaching psychologists for a diagnosis. However, the tests did not uncover his developmental need.


Eventually, they found Little Olive Tree by Presbyterian Preschool Services. We were not sure if we could help him. Still, we wanted to try. Together, the team in school came together to find strategies to manage his behaviour with his family. A whole village rallied around Josiah.


Just 1 year into ESP, Josiah has grown in his ability to self-regulate, amongst other areas of progress. His journey demonstrates that he is a child like every other - with gifts, superpowers and so much potential.


We believe that no child is too much trouble. Every child is worth troubling for.



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