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Be You-nique Day: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

In the month of March, our preschools celebrated our first Be You-Nique Day ever, a day where we appreciate the uniqueness of every person who is created fearfully and wonderfully in the image of God. It is also a chance to instil fun in our everyday preschool programmes.

At LOT Bethany, they had Story Hat Day going on where children were invited to craft a hat that narrated and showcased a personal story. Priscilla, Principal of LOT Bethany explained, “Story Hat Day was dedicated to fostering creativity and individuality, allowing children to express themselves through the art of hat-making. The sky's the limit – their hat could be decorated with beloved animals, splashed with their favourite colours, or showcase their interests, dreams, or hobbies.”

Thus, the event not only encouraged artistic expression but also fostered confidence and self-awareness in our young learners. It encouraged them to unleash their creativity and design a hat that mirrors their unique persona!

Liv here was delighted to be Rapunzel with her purple crown and long shiny 'hair' that reached to the floor. Kirk exclaimed:," I want to take a photo with Luke because we both have firefighter hats!".

Over at LOT Jurong West, they had something similar with their Crazy Hat Day, where children arrived to school in all kinds of interesting headgear, with some having dinosaur tails or vines hanging down their backs and others having unusual items like cutlery or toys on their customised hats!

 Most of the hats were made by the children at home with their parents, but the teachers made sure to help those who came without one to make something so they could be included and bring something fun back home!

LOT Pasir Ris 21’s theme was  “I Am Special”, so children had the freedom to choose the clothes that they wanted to wear on that day to show their friends. They also brought their favourite toy for show and tell, as well as their favourite fruits to promote healthy eating.

Children were also amused and excited to take a peek at their friends’ baby photos and guess which classmates were in the photos! For LOT Tampines, everyone also turned up in their all-time favourite colours or designs, so the whole preschool was transformed into a constantly moving rainbow of varying heights and sizes.  

The Wacky Hair Day at LOT Marsiling saw children and staff all donning their favourite hairstyle – some fun, some beautiful, and yet others, outrageous! Children had a chance to do a catwalk to flaunt their fashion choices and thereafter, a show-and-tell to share about why they chose to create such a Wacky Hairstyle that day.

The whole school then delved into a storytelling session on ‘Crazy Hair Day’ by Barney Saltzberg, which encouraged the children to treasure the precious memories spent with classmates doing things together, unabashedly and uninhibitedly. Next up was a time for children to create their Wacky Self-Portrait to immortalise what they looked like on that day with interesting materials and textures such as pompom balls, leaves, plasticine and paint!

Children also had a discussion with their friends about the similarities and differences amongst themselves, such as what they like, or what they are good at. This encouraged the children to express their own thoughts and curiosity.

Our first Be You-nique Day was such a hit amongst both children and teachers alike as it gave everyone a platform to let loose and not be afraid to truly be themselves. The next one will be even bigger and better, and might we say, even more You-nique!

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