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Celebrating our Children on their special day!

Updated: Apr 3

Children were looking forward to their Children's Day holiday on 7 Oct - were overheard chatting with their friends animatedly about their plans to go out with their parents or friends. They were in for a treat last Thursday as teachers added to their fun by organising Centre-wide celebrations! It's easy to put a smile on their face with simple gifts or activities, but teachers went above and beyond to make them feel very special. Children were especially thrilled to come to school dressed in their best, only to find out that their teachers also came dressed as their favourite animals and princesses. What a pleasant surprise!

From themed jungle parties, to drama skits and outdoor games, our Centres were transformed into a dream wonderland of fun, laughter and pure joy. One of our Centres even went on an outing to a waterpark where they splashed to their hearts' content. Most importantly, it warmed our hearts to see the children doing what they love doing the most - being their truest, most authentic and carefree self. They had a very Happy Children's Day indeed! Check out the photo gallery below to catch up on what they did for their celebrations:


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