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Kids Camp 2021

Updated: Apr 3

Kids Camp with BeepLab

A few weeks ago, our children had an exciting architecture and design experience. Instructors from BeepLab came to our childcare centres to conduct a building camp! The activities are designed to help them uncover the secrets of architecture.

Buildings: Strong and Beautiful

What are the shapes we can see from the buildings? Do buildings remind us of other objects? Can we recreate buildings we can see around us? The Nursery 2 were introduced to different shapes and forms of buildings. Using building blocks, they explored different types of structures and had a try at stacking their very own building! They discovered how and why buildings were not only beautiful, but also has to be functional and stable.

After thinking about the structure of the building, what else can be done to set the buildings apart? Colours and textures!

Not only did the children’s little eyes got to work, they also had to think about what they saw. Opportunities were created to not just observe, but think about what they observed. They also had to apply what they observed. These process skills built would lay the foundation for the way they would see the world and think about the world they live in!

What’s in a Building?

The Kindergarten 1s and 2s also had fun hands-on experiences! They started the workshop with a scavenger hunt. The room was thrown into a frenzy as the children looked for picture cards of building elements. Then, they were tasked to identify different shapes that form the structure of a building. To test their knowledge, they got together with their friends and formed column, truss and dome structures using their bodies!

To conclude a fruitful day, the children got to bring home their own unique architecture paper hats crafted using 3D paper forms and 2D building drawings. We suppose the children were really excited as the hats were modelled after our Singapore skyscrapers!

Creators Modelled by our Creator

At PCS Childcare Centres, we believe that all children are creative, inspired and capable of making things out of nothing! This is reminiscent of our Creator God who made everything – including us! All of us have the same ability to make equally admirable things. It is therefore important to equip our children with skills and abilities to innovate and create things that will make the world a better place for all.


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