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Learning Journey @ Hougang on 8 Mar 24

On 8th March 2024, the Christian Preschool Alliance (CPA) organised a Learning Journey held at Little Olive Tree (LOT) Hougang, for participants from other Christian preschools to observe and learn about how our preschools operate.

The theme for this Learning Journey was ‘Transformation with a Renewed Mind’, and the aim of such exchange programmes are to offer a unique opportunity for educators to broaden their horizons both professionally and culturally, ultimately raising the overall quality of Singapore’s preschool ministry.

By stepping out of their familiar environments and immersing themselves in different educational settings, teachers can gain valuable insights, develop new skills, and foster international collaboration. At the same time, this builds a support network amongst other Christian Early Childhood Educators.

A total of 17 teachers from various Christian preschools came together for this Learning Journey at LOT Hougang. After a round of introduction from the teachers, Michele, Principal of LOT Hougang then shared her journey with LOT thus far, especially highlighting the challenges she encountered when she first joined LOT Hougang. Through ongoing relationship-building and setting expectations with her staff over time, Michele witnessed not only a transformation in the physical environment of the preschool but also a shift in the work culture.

During the school tour, participants noticed that learning areas were set up strategically to allow children to easily access the creative and hands-on activities. The classroom environment was decorated with neutral colours so that it can provide a calming and safe place for children to freely express themselves, while allowing the children’s works as displayed throughout the preschool to shine. This honours and celebrates the children’s progress and creativity.

The teachers were also surprised and inspired by how recycled materials were used to create teaching materials and setting up learning spaces, and also realised the importance of creating learning activities of varying difficulties so that all children of different learning abilities can be included.

At the end of the day, participants walked away not only with knowledge and ideas that would help improve and transform their own preschools and teaching, but also with newly forged friendships within the Christian preschool ministry. Indeed, Little Olive Tree believes in collaboration and the sharing of resources across the ministry so that more children can benefit from quality education and inclusive environments!


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