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LOT Ghim Moh celebrates World Book Day!

Loud, whimsical or outrageous outfits were spotted in LOT Ghim Moh last week, as both children and teachers dressed up to mimic their favourite characters, armed with their book of choice in hand. All to celebrate World Book Day! Books truly open up possibilities to boundless imaginative universes, and transport us into magical, faraway places in our minds. And that’s exactly what the children immersed themselves in that day.

At the drama station, children put on their bear ears and took on the roles of Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Baby Bear while the Principal Ms Bethanie acted as Goldilocks. They found it both amusing and enjoyable to act out the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, moving around and speaking like the characters did as they recalled and performed the happenings of the familiar tale from memory.

Liu Bing Laoshi told the story of the enormous turnip that the children learned about in their Story Grammar module. Then, everyone took turns to ‘拔萝卜’ (harvest the turnip) together, showcasing how many hands make light work!

Children were also treated to storytelling sessions with hand and finger puppets, before they had a chance to use the puppets to form their own narratives with their friends.

At the cozy library corners, children shared with their friends about the books and stories that they brought with them from home. It was adorable to see the book characters come to life through the kids' costumes!

It was a fun and fulfilling day for all indeed, and we are thankful for the learning, stories and adventures that that books give us!




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