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Making Old Things New

Updated: Apr 3

Teachers and parents empowered children of Pasir Ris 51 Centre to care for God’s creation on Earth Day 2021.

This year, our preschools participated in the Christian Preschool Alliance’s Earth Day campaign ‘Happy Earth Day, Every Day’, encouraging childcare centres to get their students involved with caring for God’s creation. At Pasir Ris 51 Centre, the children did many activities that involved reusing or upcycling old or recyclable items.

On 22nd April 2021, the K2s children put together a catwalk to strut the sustainable fashion they had imagined and designed with their parents. Each of the outfits creatively expressed their unique individual personalities. Among the outfits designed, there was an educational robot, dinosaur hoodie, and dresses made from repurposed old clothes and decorated with materials like unused beads.

One child outfitted a robot costume that has a screen depicting adverse effects of various Earth-unfriendly habits.
This pretty puffed sleeve dress is made of crepe paper, recycled paper, and trash bags

Another student successfully upcycled her mother’s tank top with the use of some beads as decorations, with some scissor-work and plaiting to add interest to her new dress.

When asked what Earth Day is, they answered, “Earth Day is caring for the earth”. Other friends chimed in on how to do so: “Don’t throw rubbish on the floor… don’t cut the trees!”

The K1s did a special performance of the song ‘He's Got the Whole World in His Hands’, dressed clouds, rainbows, flowers, and sea creatures made out of painted cardboard. The children stood up and danced beautifully when the different characters in the song were mentioned.

Everyone having fun with music instruments during the song. Miss Rainbow lit up the whole place with her infectious smile and energy!

The N2 children repurposed an old kettle by growing bean spouts in it. Over the last three days, the children had diligently added water into the kettle. The children were amazed by how much the beansprouts have grown after a short span of a few days when it was finally unveiled to them. Through this activity, the children also learnt about food sustainability.

Wonder and amazement could be seen on every child’s face, as they marvelled at how seeds turned into bean sprouts.

Lastly, the children in Nursery 1 filled ready-to-drink milk bottles with beans to make shakers for their song performance in both English and Mandarin.

We are heartened to see how our children had such a enjoyable time learning about how they can play a part in caring for the earth! Indeed, each of our young ones can make a difference by simply giving new life to old things. May it be Earth Day, Everyday, as we help to care for our planet earth together.


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