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Words of thanks and appreciation from LOT Woodlands parents!

After a year of being with us in 2023, we were relieved and thankful to know that our children were growing well under our Woodlands team's care. Receiving these words of thanks from our parents affirmed and encouraged us that we were doing good work with God's guidance and blessings!

Parents of JiaLe, K2 (2024)

Thank you Ms Rachel for making school engaging for JiaLe that he wakes up each morning looking forward to having classes. Also thank you to JiaLe’s favorite teacher, Ms Tina, for making him feel loved and cared for in school. Bravo to the LOT Woodlands team for a well-run centre. Looking forward to working with everyone again next year to ensure JiaLe gets the best care and education.

Luke's Parents - Infant Care (2024)

We are thankful to have Luke at Little Olive Tree. The staff and teachers went the extra mile to help him feel comfortable with them and the new environment so he could enjoy school.

They have been loving, patient and nurturing in their interactions with him and meeting his needs to the best of their ability. We appreciate the regular feedback from the teachers and this partnership we have for Luke’s growth and learning.

Su Sueng's Parents - Infant Care (2024)

A big thanks to all the teachers @Little Olive Tree Woodlands, especially 马老师,李老师,莺老师,Teachers Melissa, Nayana and Lydia, for providing such nurturing environment for Su Sueng's growth. Really appreciate your care, patience and commitment. It's amazing how it feels like a big family in the school where everyone (and yes, everyone including principal, peers from PG/K1/K2 and also aunty, etc.) knows and cares for my girl 😍


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