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Our Principals lead in developing strategic plans and structures to foster a culture of care and trust, mentoring, collaborative professionalism and continuous learning within the preschool. Our Principals are responsible for managing and enhancing preschool operations while adhering to industry regulations. They will drive operational and programme excellence by developing strong processes in strategic areas such as governance, partnerships, continuous development, curriculum and pedagogy.

Our Principals develop frameworks for sustained collaborative partnerships with stakeholders, possess strong communication skills and are highly influential. They will lead in modelling the preschool's mission, vision and values, and oversees the well-being of all staff in the preschool.


  • L2 certified with Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA)

  • Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood Leadership (“ADECL”) or equivalent

  • Good communication and interpersonal skills

  • A team player

  • Experience in the Early Childhood is an added advantage

  • We offer leadership mentoring, scholarship, lateral & vertical career progression, attractive benefits and remuneration.

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