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by Wigglepods Academy

WiggleTunes is designed based on early childhood pedagogies and music and movement education.

Watch the introductory video below!

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Wiggletunes is a PHYSICAL programme

Children are natural movers! By encouraging them to move, they learn about themselves, their environments and they friends! It also fosters spatial awareness and eye-hand coordination which are important for their growth.  

Improves a child's COGNITIVE and EXECUTIVE functioning

Through a multi-sensory experience for children, their neural pathways associated with higher-order thinking, abstract thinking and logical reason are stimulated. 


The combination of music and movement stimulates the neural development of the young brain, enhancing executive functioning skills such as working memory and cognitive flexibility that are so important for children’s learning and daily routine as they mature. Research shows that music and movement activities allow children to learn how to exert more control over their bodily actions, which in turn manifests as securer regulation of their emotions, and ultimately, better discipline and academic performance in school. 

Enhances children's SOCIAL and EMOTIONAL skills 

When children sing, dance, play or listen to music, their mental well-being and confidence improves! Through WiggleTunes, we want to help children find successes and cultivate resilience. When children are happy and confident, their learning is optimised.  


Singing, listening to and creating music together in an enjoyable setting will help children to work and problem-solve together. The playing of musical games and dances also help children learn respect and perspective-taking.  

Boosts children's CREATIVITY and MUSICALITY

Music naturally engages the curious mind and imagination. Our programme focuses on getting children to discover new and different ways to approach a single issue or problem through musical play, while developing creative and aesthetic expression at the same time. 


Learning music through movement and play is one of the best ways for children to internalise fundamental music concepts, for children are kinaesthetic learners. By moving, singing and playing with props and instruments, the children experience elements of music and movement that nurture their musicality from a tender age. 

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