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Every Child

is a gift

created wonderfully and uniquely in God's image. 


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worthy partners

teach & love

we desire to be


your children as our own

What's Our Education Mission?

To build a strong foundation in truth, beauty and goodness in each of our children in a world where truth is often distorted, beauty corrupted and goodness disregarded.

The environment is the child's third teacher. The first being the parents, and the second being the teachers themselves. 

In Presbyterian Preschools, we believe the learning environments ought to be more than a space that's functional - children's work should be thrust to the forefront as well.

We aspire to make our environments inspiring.

Ready to get to know us better?

Join us for our online Parent Interest Engagement Session (PIES)!

During the session, we will share about our Truth, Beauty and Goodness curriculum framework. 

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