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Bethel Preschool’s art sculpture honours trees as a home for creatures and creepy crawlies!

Updated: May 14

This year, Bethel Preschool has come alongside with us to embark on Creation C.A.R.E - to explore the significance of trees and cultivate a deeper appreciation for them! In class, the children and teachers first discussed the different types of trees that come in various shapes and sizes, as well as what trees provide for us humans.

For example, they offer us shelter and shade, beautify the land, and even provide oxygen and delicious fruits! They also had a time of sharing amongst their friends about what they know about trees, and about the trees they see in their free time outside of school. Seeing how important and essential trees are in their lives, they realised that they must start caring for them intentionally.

Some phrases heard from the children during discussion: “Trees gives us shelter" “Trees are nice to see” “We don’t cut trees”

For their tree sculpture, the PN - Nursery classes will be creating a landscape around a tree, which will include creatures and creepy crawlies such as caterpillars, snakes, bees and ants. This is to honour trees as an essential habitat and food source for animals. As they started their creative process, the highlight for the children was creating their own masterpieces, having to use various recycled materials to paste, paint, stick and stamp on.   

The children loved choosing their favourite colours for their ssssslithering sssssssnakes as they stamped on the paint with a "brush" made of bubble wrap and toilet rolls!

They also worked on designing leaves, bees and caterpillars out of recycled materials such as newspapers, cardboard and egg trays. The children can’t wait for their creepy crawlies to be completed so that they can eventually find a comfy spot on the tree for them to hide in, hang from or simply hang out at! Check out the Creation C.A.R.E progress of other preschools too:


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