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Children at Marsiling fundraise for Children's Cancer Society

During the last week of December, the children at LOT Marsiling created craftwork to be sold to fundraise for donations. As we all know, Christmas is a time for sharing love, joy, and to give. This project was birthed during this season because the team wanted the children to learn the importance of thinking for others and modelling kindness to help them grow into productive and loving members of this society.

Thus, the teachers chose three organisations that work with children in need, and explained their cause to the children for them to understand them a little more. Thereafter, the children voted for the organisation they wanted to donate their proceeds to. Eventually, they decided to donate to the Children's Cancer Foundation!

From selling their cute Christmas-themed artworks that were modelled after things like Christmas trees, reindeers and snow globes, the children managed to raise a total of $557! They were glad to know that they could bring a little bit of happiness and offer some help to other children who are just like them.  


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