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In Gladness and Gratitude

Updated: Apr 3

On 1 September 2022, the entire staff body of Presbyterian Preschool Services (PPS) and Presbyterian Community Services (PCS) gathered at Happy Joy Restaurant for the Staff Appreciation Dinner. Themed “In Gladness and Gratitude”, it was an occasion for us to thank the staff for the work that they do faithfully on the day to day. More importantly, it was a reminder for us to express our thanksgiving to God from whom all blessings flow.

Over the course of the night, delicious food was served, games were played and performances were put on.

Ms. Jane Theye (Senior Training Specialist, PCS) and Ms. Eileen Boey (Head of Curriculum, PPS), our emcees for the night, shared their infectious, enthusiastic energy with everyone present. Through the planned games peppered throughout the night, the entire staff body was more than eager to participate (and also win!)

There was so much action going on on-stage!

Speaking of action, we have always known preschool teachers to be action-packed individuals who work hard to engage the senses of our little ones. Little did we know that they could also dance! That evening, we were treated to an energetic dance performance by our Chinese Teachers and Curriculum Specialists. This team spent multiple weekends rehearsing to put up a wonderfully coordinated performance.

Another “jin ho” (“very good” in Hokkien) performance was put up by Group Deputy Director Leong Kok Ho (Group Deputy Director, PCS) and Alvin Ho (Manager, PCS). We were serenaded by the flute playing of Elder Leong, who also spiced up his performance with not just tunes, but a mini “The Price is Right” gameshow. After playing each song, he made us guess how much the flute would cost. The lesson learnt from this performance? Even budget instruments can produce “ho” (“good” in Hokkien) music!

There was also a Hokkien/Mandarin/English trilingual 相声 (crosstalk/comic dialogue)! It was a lighthearted way to get everyone in the organization familiar with the different Active Aging Centres that is run by PCS.

Between each programme on stage, the rest of the hall was also abuzz with activity. Having not gathered for over 2 years, staff could be seen fluttering around – greeting old friends and colleagues based in other Centres they had not met in months. There was a lot of laughter, casual catch up sessions and photo-taking. The vibes that night felt very much like an extended family reunion that was long overdue.

The evening ended with the PPS Centre Leaders and HQ team dancing to “Reach for the Stars”. The opening lines of the song expresses what we hope our staff body can do for one another:

“When the world, leaves you feeling blue; You can count on me, I will be there for you” The work in the preschool and social service sector is always an uphill battle, and the battle continues to be steeper each year with brand new challenges. We hope the Staff Appreciation dinner provided an evening of respite, and allowed everyone to let their hair down, slow down, and enjoy one another’s company.

Look through the photo galleries below to spot yourselves!

01: Welcome Address and Prayer

02: Smiles and Interactions

03: Performances

04: Games

05: Best Dressed Award

06: "Reach for the Stars"

07: Table Group Pictures