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Why Creation C.A.R.E

Updated: May 3

Why Creation C.A.R.E: A Biblical Perspective

Every year, our children and teachers embark on lessons, activities, and even putting up a public art showcase for Creation C.A.R.E over the span of 2 months. But what’s so important about this project, and why does it matter? Is it simply to get children to appreciate the earth they live in, or to encourage them to recycle more?  Seeing that Creation is something so precious to God, we want to do much more than that.

What is Creation C.A.R.E?

Creation C.A.R.E (Children’s Action to Rescue Earth) is a community project that endeavours to inspire, encourage and empower children to care for creation and the environment. We want to teach children the importance of creation care and simple actions they can take to make a difference.

Why does Creation C.A.R.E matter?

Firstly, it is important for children to know how the earth and everything we know about it, including mankind, came to be. By God’s infinite power and command, he created darkness and light, the sky and water, the land and trees, the sun, moon and stars, every creature big and small – including you and me! And God saw that what he made was good. Here’s a video that captures the creation story over the 7 days that God made the earth:

Just as God loves his creation, we should learn to love it and be good stewards of the earth too. The Bible also tells us three reasons why we should care for creation: 

1. God Himself says that His creation is very good and beautiful (Genesis 1, 1:31)

Creation feeds and sustains us, and keeping us alive and happy. Moreover, if we neglect, abuse and spoil the environment, we are damaging something that is precious to God, who created the world. If you made something that you love, you would never want anyone to destroy it, especially if it is something wonderful. 

2. God commanded humans to take care of creation (Genesis 1:28 & 2:15)

He told us to take care of both the living and the non-living creation. This way, we can ensure that plants, animals and the environment can thrive and grow alongside us! By caring for the earth properly, it can be fruitful and to play its intended role in giving glory to God. That is part of our proper worship of God.

3. We only have one earth, and that is the earth we live in 
Don’t you want the earth to be clean and healthy?

We would not want to live in a place that is polluted and dying. 

One day, the cosmos will be renewed and re-created as the "new heavens and new earth"(Isaiah 65, Revelation 21). The new universe will be a place where God will be with His people - people and the whole of creation will worship Him and give Him glory. Thus, we should practice taking care of the current earth that we have now.  


Creation C.A.R.E as a way of life We hope that caring for creation will not only be a one-off fun project that our children take on and forget for the rest of the year, but rather a God-honouring attitude towards their everyday lifestyle, decisions and habits.  Read more on why it’s important for children to learn about Creation C.A.R.E from a young age.


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